Yes, Viva is duly registered in 4 countries.
In South Africa as an Non-Profit Organisation [Reg. Nr. 094-301] and Public Benefit Organisation [Reg. Nr. 930024128]
In Germany as a Public Benefit Association in German: 'eingetragene, gemeinnützige Verein' [Reg. Nr. VR 21631]
In the United Kingdom as a Charity [Reg. Nr. 1186373]
In Brazil as a registered Non-Profit Association [Reg. Nr. 94-99-5-00]
The Viva Foundation was founded by Leon Kriel and Meleney Berry-Kriel in 2007, in South Africa. Today the organisation has 45 full-time employees and volunteers in all 4 countries where it is registered. In each country, the organisation is represented by its own Executive Board. A small group of Trustees are responsible for overseeing the integrity of the organisation's vision and activities internationally. Meleney Berry-Kriel is the appointed Chief Executive Officer of the Viva Foundation, and her duties include the leadership and management of the organisation in all countries.
Associates, Directors, Executive Committee Members and Trustees:
L. I. Kriel - Int. Trustee & Board South Africa EXCO
M. B. Kriel - Int. Trustee & Board Germany EXCO & Trustee UK
K. P. Mahlangu - Int. Trustee & Board South Africa EXCO
O. Rahn - Int. Trustee & Board Germany
Dr. N. Manchidi - Board South Africa
J. Eppendahl - Board Germany
M. Mhlaule - Board South Africa EXCO
N. Khumalo - Board South Africa EXCO
L. Madzivadondo - EXCO South Africa
I. Zimmerman - Member South Africa
B. Kriel - Member South Africa
A. Wilkenson - Trustee UK
C. Santos de Andrade Silva - Board Brazil
V. Soares da Silva - Board Brazil
E. Santos - Board Brazil
I. Ferreira - Board Brazil
In South Africa by the Chartered Accounting Firm Strachan & Crouse
In Germany and Brazil by Junga GmbH [Viva Foundation Brasil has an account in Germany too]
In Brazil by ZAP Contabilidade CNPJ
In the UK, the newly registered Charity will appoint when donations justify it.
The organisation is funded mainly by donations from individuals, companies, corporations, embassies, churches and other groups. Cash Donations and Donations-in-Kind are welcomed, in order to finance the programmes, projects and initiatives of the organisation.
In South Africa, Public Benefit Organisations may conduct limited and related business activities. The Viva Independent Schools require a small percentage of the over-all cost of education as a school fee from its beneficiaries. The amount is between 10% and 40 % of the cost of education, depending on the financial situation of the beneficiary family. Full scholarships are provided to orphans and vulnerable children. Donations and Sponsorships make up the difference in the costs.
Other fund-raising activities include markets, catering, hospitality, limited renting out its the school hall and facilities. The amount of related business activities may not exceed 25 % of income and currently the amount stands at approximately 10 %. These activities form part of the organisation's Sustainability Projects.
Through donating and volunteering. Donations in the form of regular, monthly sponsorships, are welcome, so are once-off, or project specific donations. These are usually utilised project-specifically for Operational Expenditure of programmes, projects and initiatives. Corporate and other larger donations are usually utilised for Capital Expenditure, such as building, repairs, acquisitions and expansion projects.
Volunteering can be done in person, once-off, regular, or for short- and long-term projects. Virtual volunteering take place online, in the form of classes, remote admin work, or by promoting the organisation and its projects in your own circles, on social media, or in your own town, for events etc. For more information see: Link to Volunteering Page
In South Africa, the Viva Foundation uses the platform to post full-time positions that become available.


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