It is possible to sponsor a child's education and care on a monthly basis and we invite you to consider this life-changing act of kindness today. 

There are 2 ways in which you can offer a monthly sponsorship: 

1. Sponsor a specific child 

Sponsoring a specific child, is very rewarding, as you will have a face and name to your sponsorship.  You will be updated a few times per year, with news on the progress and well-being of the child you are sponsoring.

2. Sponsor a space for any child 

The need to simply have a sponsorship in place for any given child, is acute.  To understand the difference in sponsoring a specific child, or any child, one has to keep in mind the nature of the need in high priority poverty areas. 

In South Africa, our centres serve informal settlements, which are sprawling slums that form on the outskirts of big cities, as people leave their rural homestead in search of work.  Many of our children were born in these areas and live with their mothers, or in the case of orphans, with siblings, or grand-parents.  Those who have family in rural areas, often only spend a few years in the informal settlements.

In many cases, as soon as there is a crisis [such as Covid19, sickness, or job loss], the children are sent back to the rural homestead to live with the extended family.  Viva has no control over this situation and when the child is sent back 'home', we are unable to reach him, or her, with service. 

When you sponsor a specific child and he, or she moves away, we will ask if you want to transfer your sponsorship to another child.  

The option to simply sponsor a space for any child, suits people who want to pragmatically provide a sponsorship without requiring much feedback but knowing that their donation is being utilised to give a child who needs it, a better life and future.  

For more information about sponsorship, please email us at info @ or visit our GiveCloud Platform 


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