Outcomes for the Viva Sharehouse

  • Completed, equipped and furnished building of the new Viva Refilwe Campus 
    • Multi-Functional Hall 
    • Kitchen
    • 2 Offices 
  • 2 Converted Shipping Container Classrooms
  • Trees and Landscaping 
  • Preparations for second floor Education Centre to be built


Since November 2019, Viva is now registered as a Charity in the United Kingdom under the name Viva Foundation, UK.  The registration number is 1186373. 

We will begin planning our first activities and open a Bank Account, that will be able to receive donations and Child Sponsorships.  We foresee our first tour in the UK in 2020 and will make the arrangements known in due course.  

Outcomes for the Viva Foundation e.v. Germany

  • No annual tour took place during 2020 as a result of travel-bans and Covid19 Lockdown measures
  • Sponsors for monthly Child- and Sponsor-a-Teacher sponsorships continued their funding and received reporting
  • Successfully submitted financials and maintained non-profit, tax deductible, public benefit status
  • Board meetings and planning continued to take place online, via Zoom meetings 

Outcomes for the Feeding Scheme/ Food Security

  • 1 207 000 meals served in Mamelodi East, Pretoria and Melville, Johannesburg 
    • Melville provided a total of 5655 food parcels to extremely vulnerable families for 4-5 family members, with a weekly supply of groceries
    • Mamelodi provided 522 families groceries, toiletries and vegetables in parcels that should last a family of 5-6 members a month
    • Mamelodi and Melville - also provided 1 000 quality backpacks sponsored by Alligator 
    • Mamelodi - 1 000 packs for frozen chicken provided by KFC
    • Anchor Funder Capitalworks, sponsored the majority of the Mamelodi East food parcels from March 2020 to January 2021 
    • Other funders included Metropolitan, Add Hope Campaign, Private Individuals, Hatfield Christian Church and Household of Christ Church, Portuguese Embassy, Blue Valley Residents Association, and many more
  • collected and utilised/distributed bi-weekly food donations from Woolworths, Equestria
  • collected and distributed sporadic donations of baked goods from Pick n Pay baking school in Pretoria 
  • Continued providing 2 cooked meals per day to learners at the Viva Kids ECD and Viva Independent School when Lockdown was lifted

Outcomes for the Volunteering

  • Welcomed approximately 1 000 short-term, once-off and weekly volunteers at Events incl. Mandela Day and large school groups from Curro Thatchfield, Hatfield Christian Church, St. Albans College and many companies and corporations 
  • Regular volunteers from different faculties of the University of Pretoria's Community Engagement initiative  
  • Parents of Viva Kids volunteered regularly and sporadically at the centre throughout the year 
  • 2 Teaching interns worked at Viva full-time 
  • Members of the Parents Committee volunteered at all events 

Outcomes for the focus area - The Arts

Viva Township Art Project 

  • Bi-weekly music tuition to all grades of the Viva Village Independent School 
  • Bi-weekly art tuition to all grades of the Viva Village Independent School 
  • Created new murals at the Viva Village on Mandela Day 
  • Established the Viva Children's Choir - successful tour in Germany and Holland 
  • Performance at the University of Pretoria 
  • Performance on ENCA Prime Time 
  • Mentioned in the media [Pretoria News, Good Things Guy etc.] 

Outcomes for the focus area - Sexual Violence Prevention & Response


  • Operate a Community Response System with alarm tower 250 panic buttons deployed in the community 
  • DSD VEP funding received 
  • Appointed a new Social Worker, an additional Aux Social Worker and 7 Community Respondents 
  • Operate a community office & counselling room
  • Conducted 10 Community Forum, Awareness and Feedback events incl. 16 Days of Activism event in December 
  • Conducted follow-up and M&E to establish weaknesses, successes and update data 
  • Door-to-Door campaign for Home-based Care follow-up and data capturing purposes 
  • Implemented a comprehensive Theory of Change for the SAPRI System 

Outcomes for the focus area - Poverty Alleviation

Viva Enterprise Development Programme

  • Due to reduced funding, the programme only offered limited support to existing entrepreneurs in the form of donations of roof paint and products sponsored by ABE 
  • Preferred Procurement partner Viva Shop [groceries and bread weekly]
  • Preferred Procurement partner Mamelodi Hardware [cooking gas weekly]
  • Preferred Procurement partner Photography and Printing [school photos, graduation photos and events]
  • Job creation - employing 31 Alaska and Mamelodi residents at the Viva Village 

Viva Skills Development Programme

  • Partner workshops at Viva Village 

Outcomes for the focus area - Children

Viva Kids

  • 78 children at Viva Kids Mamelodi 
  • Built and Equipped a new Baby Play Area 
  • Graduated 40 Grade RR learners to Grade R 

Viva Village Independent School

  • Added Grade 5 to the existing Grades
  • Music Tuition on Mondays and Thursdays
  • Computer training on Mondays and Thursdays
  • Sport Day 27 April 
  • Viva Children's Choir performed at the University of Pretoria and 13 venues in Germany and Holland
  • 150 learners 
  • Outings to Goldreef City and Mams Mall [Movies]
  • Staff outing to Dinokeng Nature Reserve
  • Very successful Graduation and Year End Concert staged at Viva Village 

Viva OVC & HIV/AIDS Support

  • Identified and supported 14 extremely vulnerable families in the Alaska Informal Settlement
  • Distributed 450 blankets donated by HCC in the Alaska Informal Settlement
  • Distributed Christmas Gifts to 487 children in Mamelodi
  • Home visits and counselling offered by social worker and team

Youth Development

  • Youth Development through art, music, dance and drama to approximately 60 young persons 
  • Performances at Mandela Day and Year End Function