Outcomes for the Viva Sharehouse

  • Established and initiated a permaculture & farming project with the aim to produce food for Viva Village 
  • Established a new events arena and the site of the future Viva Village, Refilwe 
  • Renovated the Volunteer House 
  • Near-completion of converting a shipping container into an ablution for the future Viva Village, Refilwe 

Outcomes for the Viva Foundation e.v. Germany

  • Conducted a very productive trip, establishing contacts for volunteering and sponsorships
  • Sponsors signed up for monthly Child- and Sponsor-a-Teacher sponsorships
  • Successfully moved the location of the German organisation from Berlin to Bendorf
  • Successfully submitted financials and maintained non-profit, tax deductible, public benefit status 

Outcomes for the Feeding Scheme/ Food Security

  • 110 000+ meals served at Viva Village, Mamelodi for the year 
  • provided 120 food parcels to extremely vulnerable families 
  • established and equipped a new kitchen at the Viva Village 
  • established vegetable garden and farming at the Viva Sharehouse 
  • collected and utilised/distributed bi-weekly food donations from Woolworths, Equestria
  • collected and distributed sporadic donations of baked goods from Pick n Pay baking school in Pretoria 
  • Add Hope Campaign partner  

Outcomes for the Volunteering

  • Welcomed approximately 1 000 short-term, once-off and weekly volunteers at Events incl. Mandela Day and large school groups from Curro Thatchfield, St. Albans College and many companies and corporations 
  • Regular volunteers from the Theology Faculty provided therapy and Geology Faculty of the Univ. of Pretoria volunteered in the community 
  • 2 volunteers from the USA stayed 1 and 2 months respectively at the Viva Sharehouse
  • 1 family from the USA stayed at the Viva Sharehouse from March to December 
  • Parents of Viva Kids volunteered regularly and sporadically at the centre throughout the year 
  • 2 Teaching interns worked at Viva full-time 

Outcomes for the focus area - The Arts


  • Created a mural combining painted tiles from the University of Florida, with tiles from Mandela Day Art initiative. 

Viva Township Art

  • Conducted an Art Festival in Mamelodi 
  • Conduct Viva's got Talent in Mamelodi 
  • Bi-weekly music tuition to all grades of the Viva Village Independent School 
  • Bi-weekly art tuition to all grades of the Viva Village Independent School 
  • Created new murals at the Viva Village on Mandela Day 
  • Created new murals in the community on Youth Day 

Outcomes for the focus area - Sexual Violence Prevention & Response


  • Installed and activated a Community Response System with alarm tower and added 50 to the initial 200 panic buttons
  • Trained community responders in a 6 course SAPRI programme
  • Operate a community office & counselling room
  • Conducted 3 Community Forum and Feedback meetings 
  • Conducted a follow-up and M&E Exercise to establish weaknesses, successes and update data 
  • Created a mapping system with the Univ. of Pretoria Geology faculty - identified crime hotspots and problem areas 
  • Door-to-Door campaign for follow-up and data capturing purposes 
  • Workshopped and Created a comprehensive Theory of Change for the SAPRI System 

Outcomes for the focus area - Poverty Alleviation

Viva Enterprise Development Programme

  • Signed up 40 new informal traders and entrepreneurs for assistance
  • Provided material support to new signees e.g. roof paint and products 
  • Preferred Procurement partner Viva Shop [groceries and bread weekly]
  • Preferred Procurement partner Mamelodi Hardware [cooking gas weekly]
  • Preferred Procurement partner Photography and Printing [school photos, graduation photos and events]
  • Developing the Viva Franchising concept - first project V-Food [procured 2 events for catering] 
  • Job creation - employing 27 Alaska and Mamelodi residents at the Viva Village 

Viva Skills Development Programme

  • Partner workshops at Viva Village 
  • Developing a Film Workshop 

Outcomes for the focus area - Children


  • 106 children at Viva Kids Mamelodi 
  • Built and Equipped a new Baby Room 

Viva Village Independent School

  • Added Grade 4 to the existing Grades
  • Purchased a new Shipping Container Classroom 
  • Built and Equipped a new library
  • Music Tuition on Mondays and Thursdays
  • Computer training on Mondays and Thursdays
  • Viva Choir performed at HCC and St. Stephens Anglican Church and the University of Pretoria 
  • Sport- and Music workshops at St. Albans College 
  • 120 learners 
  • Very successful Graduation and Year End Concert staged at HCC 

Viva OVC & HIV/AIDS Support

  • Identified and supported 10 extremely vulnerable families in the Alaska Informal Settlement
  • Distributed 450 blankets donated by HCC in the Alaska Informal Settlement
  • Distributed Christmas Gifts to 450 children in Mamelodi

Youth Development

  • After School Care and mentorship to 15 high school learners on a daily basis
  • Youth Development through art, music, dance and drama to approximately 60 young persons 
  • Outings to University of Pretoria Music Faculty for Symphony Concert