Rape Response Protocol


Prevention of Sexual Violence, appropriate response to Sexual Violence and Victim Empowerment by distributing resources and materials for the empowerment and building of the capacity of women and girls in underprivileged communities to understand their rights with regards to rape & gender-based violence and to prevent sexual violence. The main elements of the intervention are the prevention of the occurrence of rape and incidents of sexual violence. In addition to training women and girls, the project is aimed at developing materials to reach men and boys with the message of gender equality and respect for women and girls particularly with regards to gender-based violence and forced marriages. Training courses, material and resources are developed and customised for different culture groups in South Africa and Rape Response Community Care Workers are trained as trainers.


Information flow chart from ‘incident’ to ‘guilty verdict’ with matching booklet to empower victims and survivors of rape and other forms of sexual violence, with knowledge to ultimately increase the number of reported cases and the number of guilty verdicts.

Disseminate the information through workshops and speaking engagements, through the media and in communities, as well as distributing the poster and booklets 

Providing training 

Providing follow-up and support through the SAPRI System 



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