It is the conviction of the Viva Foundation of South Africa that education is the key to turning the tide of poverty.  The reality is that those who are not poor, have access to the best education and those who need the best education, usually cannot afford it.  We want to offer children in informal settlements the same opportunities as their peers in affluent neighbourhoods.  The Viva Village Independent School is levelling the playing field and placing underprivileged children in the starting blocks, along with every other child in South Africa, which had been a dream of the organisation for many years.  

In 2013, we were approached by Capitalworks Foundation and given the opportunity to make this dream come true.  As primary funder, Capitalworks has gone the extra mile and introduced the Viva Independent School to it's partners, peers, friends and even staff, who became involved in the project on a personal and corporate level.  


Quality and Equality in Education.  Providing quality education to underprivileged communities through the establishment of a primary school, which was launched with Grade R in January 2014. We added a Grade per year and in 2021, our Mamelodi Campus welcomes the Grade 7 classes, making the School a fully-fledged, independent Primary School.  

Furthermore, we are happy to announce our second campus at Viva Connect, Cullinan, The Viva Independent School, Refilwe Campus with Grades RR to Grade 7.  

With the help of corporations and individuals, the school was able to put in place infrastructure and classrooms by utilising, furnishing and equipping converted shipping containers.  

Partnering with corporate and private funders in providing sponsorships for underprivileged children (all children are sponsored and parents required to make a contribution)


Our partners are and have been:

Capitalworks Foundation

KFC Add Hope Campaign

Alligator Manufacturing

Hatfield Christian Church and the Hatfield Christian School

General Electric



Much Asphalt

Kid Group

St. Stephens Anglican Diocese Sunninghill

Stirlings Bathroom Design 

Pretoria Paper Suppliers 

Think Money

Individual sponsors and donors in their personal capacity 




Your support makes it possible for us to provide underprivileged children with quality education and the best start in life.